sala de espera

train station mural

sala de espera (waiting room)


The old Evoramonte train station sits a short walk from Foundation Obras. The last passenger train stopped here in 1988, and the last cargo train a few years ago. I kept thinking how unfortunate that there was no longer easy access (outside of car travel) to this part of the Alentejo region, and specifically to Foundation Obras, which started hosting artists in 2004. I designed a pattern with two of the flowers endemic to the area, the esteva and a kind of plume thistle, to stencil onto the walls. There was already some graffiti, and another artist had painted on the walls of the other accessible waiting room. While the station building (with walls that crumbled as I worked on them) may never again be open to train passengers, it does seem to waiting for something to happen.

evoramonte train station

esteva flower