nêspera nest

  Estremoz marble, nêspera seeds 2014

A nêspera is an orange-yellow fruit with large dark seeds that can be found in markets around Portugal. This sculpture is from my pego do sino series, which is location-specific. According to the Foundation OBRAS 10-year anniversary book:

Pego do Sino is Portuguese for the Canyon of the Sound of Bells. . . On a prominent place above in the canyon are some fifty bowl shaped holes. They trigger imagination as they are unique in the wide surroundings. Are they carved in the rocks by a pre-historic civilisation? Others believe that these holes are just a geological curiosity.

The bowl-shaped holes in the canyon inspired the series, as I carved recesses into two pieces of marble and one chunk of quartz. I made the holes in each to fit something specific (nêspera seeds, snails) or to contain something in particular (honey), and left the carvings hidden in the surrounding landscape to be found years or centuries from now. My goal is to inspire the same unresolvable curiosity that the holes in the Pego do Sino do for us today.