fare well

Fare Well

Broken Buoy, 2016, found rope and plastic buoy, copper leaf, indigo

dzegede_a_05Northern Dock, 2016, found rope dyed with Northern Dock and Indigo, yarn dyed with Northern Dock

Weighted Net, 2016, glazed ceramics, natural dyed yarn, rope, stained driftwood

img_5209Torfbærinn I+II, 2016, glazed ceramics with model turf and grassdzegede_a_08

Torfbærinn I


Veiddur, 2016, sugar kelp, driftwooddzegede_a_07

Counterpoint I-III, 2016, sticks, ceramic sticks, found bone, ceramic bone

stick1Counterpoint I

stick_counterpoint_lyndon_800_1200Counterpoint IIbone Counterpoint IIIdzegede_a_04

Low Tide, 2016, found wood with nails, color photo, magnifying lensimg_5237dzegede_a_03

Local Color (Icelandic Kente),  2016, handwoven kente made with yarn dyed using Icelandic plants, driftwood, ceramic “bone” bobbins and sticks


dzegede_a_02Berjum, Bein, og Blóm, 2016, ceramic “bones” and “sticks”, natural-dyed yarn

crow_jessica_800_1200Crow (Pottkökur II), 2016, ceramic bread plate, twine
snail_jessica_800_1200 Snail and Tortoise (Pottkökur I), 2016, ceramic bread plate, twine

hammock_full Rope Hammock, 2016, fiber reactive dyed rope, steel rings


Sun Salutations, 2016, 00:21:58, filmed in Skagaströnd, Iceland during summer solstice